The People's House

The government of the United States was created to serve at the people's pleasure. All of those elected to any political office are meant to serve at the people's pleasure.

Sadly, our government, the collective body of representatives elected by the people, has wandered far away from the intended purpose of this institution. Instead of assessing and ministering to the needs of the people, the government fabricates its own agenda of priorities and then uses its powerful propaganda machine to convince the people they are served by it. The people justifiably feel estranged and abandoned as though they have been forced out of their own home.

The White House is the symbol of American leadership which is to serve at the people's pleasure. This is "our" house! It must be occupied by a leader who perceives himself as being a servant of the people. He must be one who acknowledges that the President is charged with leading the nation back to the time when the people's best interests are the priority.

When anyone sees the image of the White House, they should perceive it as belonging to all of America. All citizens should have a sense of this house being their haven that provides them the security, peace, strength, respect, and support they have always felt when they are at "home".


The people have a keen sense of discernment. They will recognize the one person among the many who is sincere in placing the interests of the people first. The people will know because there will only be one who speaks the truth with the insight and vision that lies in the hearts of all Americans.


This will be the person that the people choose to represent them in their house.

"Let's go home!"

Rick Kuter

for President

The "One" to lead us "home"

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