Our Government is "dead in the water".

Why Choose Rick Kuter for President?


When we choose someone to serve as the President of the United States the most important attributes must be that person's character, his vision for the country, his devotion to seeing the task through, and his ability to engage and lead others to join in the quest.

Rick Kuter sees that our nation is at a standstill. The polarization between competing factions within our Government has reached an unprecedented level. No progress is being made toward making this nation the home that it should be for its citizens.  Hate, conflict, and bickering within the very ranks of those charged with serving the American people have resulted in progress coming to a complete halt, no matter what political party is in control. If we do not have leaders who can engage all parties to work together our government will remain motionless and even regress and the needs of citizens abandoned. We need someone to bring our elected representatives together at the table. 

Rick Kuter is not a "career" politician by any stretch of the imagination. He and his wife, "Cooky" worked in the corporate world prior to going abroad to the African nation of Zambia and then the Asian nation of Thailand. While serving abroad, Rick witnessed the impact of diverse systems of governing. Dictators, socialist regimes, coup de tat with military rule over the people all gave insights into the despair and misery government can inflict upon its own people. Rick now sees his beloved U.S. headed in the same direction as those failed governments. That would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. He knows that if it is to be rescued the United States of America must act now!

Being experienced in "politics" has nothing to do with a President being a successful leader. Those "experienced in politics" have brought our nation to its current predicament of in-fighting and lethargic bickering. Involvement in countless political campaigns, catering to lobbyists, special interests groups and playing the games of trading favors to gain more political power diminishes any candidate's credibility for honest, sincere service to the citizens.


Rick Kuter has none of that sort of "political", self-serving experience. He does have character and a desire to lead our government to become focused on prioritizing the interests of the citizens. His motivation is not to win the next election and the one after that so as to maintain a position in Washington. His strategy is not to win the support of special interest groups, lobbyists and powerful political players to keep him in office and achieve a personal agenda. 

Rick Kuter is determined to reawaken our Government players to what should be the intent of all those serving in Washington, which is to work hard to make this country one in which all Americans can prosper in freedom and the power to control their own destiny. We must again catch the winds of reality, sanity, and unity and sail in the direction where the United States will again be known for its beacon of light that guides all the world to a better place.

To gain insight into his message, read "The President's Bible-When I am President" to see the rational reasoning behind the practical steps this President will take. It is the only message that proposes real answers to our problems. 

"Let's go home"

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