Oil Monopolies; The Force Behind the Scene


The greatest threat to our nation's economic system of capitalism which has served our nation throughout its existence is the presence and domination by industrial monopolies. This reality has always been acknowledged and motivated the wheels of justice to remedy that enemy by forcing such tyrannical forces to submit to being restructured so as to position them on the same competitive levels of other players in our free enterprise system. All Americans know there is no accountability for today's oil industry as there is for all others in the corporate world. The collective conglomerate of oil companies determines its own prices with no regard to the ideology of "price and demand/costs and profit margins/and application of realistic tax code application. They control and profit on all levels of provision of oil products from excavation, processing, and refining, distribution and price-fixing at the gas pumps. It is accountable to no one and no system other than what they create.


This plight upon the free enterprise system is nothing new but in times past, our US Justice system accepted the challenge and acknowledged its responsibility for protecting the well-being of the American consumer and our free enterprise system. In 1911 such corrective action was boldly taken by breaking up the then powerful, monopolistic Standard Oil Company headed up by the famous John D. Rockefeller. The Standard Oil Company of the past and today's resurrected oil monopolies acquire and maintain their control by buying up politicians and wiping out any threat to their tyrannical operations. 

More recently than the Standard Oil breakup in the early 1900s, the Justice Department again took action against the AT&T Corporation monopoly which had total control over the national communication structure. AT&T had domination over manufacturing, national communication networking, and a retail system, all operating with no regard as to traditional competitive pricing. The United States Department of Justice filed an antitrust suit against the American Telephone and Telegraph Company on November 20, 1974. The result of that action was the break-up of the AT&T monopoly and rise of the vibrant, competitive, and thriving technological communication and technology industries we have today. Again, as with the Standard Oil Company, the removal of the monopolistic stranglehold on their respective industries unleashed an unbelievable advancement in products and services with which we benefit today.

Contrary to the swill of fear propagated by monopolistic interests saying that our economy will fail should the oil industry be rendered accountable for functioning in a competitive, structure, history has proven the opposite to always be true.  When monopolies are segmented into independent entities, history has proven that the economy flourishes with the principles of competition and increased players being allowed to participate. The US oil industry would be restructured into a multitude of autonomous, independent, competitive entities, each responsible for their respective function within the system for providing a finished product to the consumer. We would again see a flurry of new technology, competition for having the best quality and cost sufficient product and uninterrupted supply of finished oil products for the consumer. There would be healthy competition within each phase of the provision of the finished product as there is in other industries. We would see competition in the drilling for the crude oil, in the processing and refining of the oil, in the distribution and storage of oil and then competition between oil retailers as was once the case in pre-monopoly times. This is not a proposed theory based upon speculation. This is fact, based upon our experience with other such monopolistic powers and their being broken up by what should be our nation's greatest guardian, the US Government.


Yet today we continue to see fossil-fuel burning engines belching untold amounts of toxicities into the air we breathe. We continue to depend upon the uncontrolled pricing schemes of the ridiculously profitable industry running free to extort our money without the capitalistic elements in place that controls other industries. Why is it allowed? Because of the power and influence, the monopoly tyrants have over our elected and appointed government representatives, including Presidents. They are failing us. They are selling out the interests of the American people.

What can change the current situation? Our having a person in the White House that champions the cause of the people. One who says, "ENOUGH! This will stop NOW!" One who exposes the reality of why we have not long ago replaced our infrastructure of individual transportation with clean, efficient, hydrogen-powered vehicles that have an immediate impact on real environmental health. Politicians talk hypocritically about concern for the environment and concern for issues like global warming yet take no action with measures that should be so obvious.









With the break-up of the oil industry monopolies, we will see an immediate launch of modern-day technologies used to provide environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. We will free ourselves from the boot of the oil industry on the throat of our ability to move about freely without being at the mercy of tyrants rendering upon us whatever expense and availability they choose for the only means we have of going to work. Without our having someone to champion our cause, we will continue under the control of those whose only motivation is powered by ridiculous levels of greed and self-serving power and control which is detrimental to our nation. They should be ashamed but are not.

You will not hear this commitment to represent your interests and that of your family and their descendants from any other candidate. The choice is clear. This is the "only" alternative candidate among the Democratic, no, ALL, candidates for President. Still unconvinced?  Get the facts, the truth, found in "The President's Bible-When I Am President", Chapter 8, "Energy Policy". It's time that we change this situation.