Greatest Threat to US National Security

Who has the most malicious, unconscionable intent to apply the full force of their exorbitant power to destroy the will and power of the United States to defend itself for the sake of their own self-serving purposes? Our greatest enemy threat is no longer the Islamic extremists of recent decades, even though we must remain vigilant in our awareness of those who remain posed to strike at the first opportune moment. 

Who then is the greatest threat to our national security today?


- It is NOT ISIS

- It is NOT Iran

- It is NOT North Korea

- It is NOT Russia

- It is NOT China


As a matter of fact, it is not ANY “state” or “religious-ideological” based group or force in the world.


The greatest active enemy/threat to the national security of the United States of America is the “transnational drug cartels” operating from bases on foreign soil, most significantly, within the borders of our adjacent neighbor, Mexico.


Drug cartels operating from their bases just south of the US border have finally achieved their mission of obtaining relatively unrestricted sovereignty of the nation of Mexico through violent takeover. President Andres’ Manuel Lopez Obrador has finally conceded power to the organized cartels saying that he would not declare war and would rely upon intelligence, not force, in opposition to the violence taking place in the streets of Mexico’s cities and rural areas.


“In Guanajato, theJalisco New Generation Cartel and the local Santa Rosa de Lima gang are engaged in a fight that has left more than 1,900 people dead in the first five months of this year, including the slaughter of 27 recovering addicts at a rehabilitation center in Irapuato on July 1.


While President Obrador blames the opposition governors for the violence, the opposition cites his ‘hands-off’ policy with cartels. In October, federal authorities ordered the release of a captured Sinaloa Cartel leader after gunmen staged a massive attack to win his freedom. And homicides in the first year of Obrador’s administration have run at about the same record levels of 35,620 as the last year of his predecessor’s term” (1


While the exorbitant focus of the United States government and its people gazes entirely upon

COVID-19 and the on-going efforts by Marxist-driven socialists to overthrow the nation, the reality

is that the invasion forces of the cartel aggressors accelerate their takeover using stealth, under

the radar-screen precision.

Now that the cartel's rule over the nation of Mexico is complete and unchallenged by that

national government, its full attention can be directed toward expanding dominance within the

United States applying the same violent, strategic tactics. Using its resources of billions of dollars

from its treasury, the cartels not only can enlist innumerable anarchists and agents embedded in

US cities but can take advantage of the tattered law enforcement ranks in American cities made vulnerable by the abuse, and even opposition, rendered by their own "non-fund" local politicians and civil authorities.


                                                                      Slumbering America will soon wake up to the common occurrence of the shooting of

                                                                      automatic  weapons in its streets and bodies lying on the sidewalk. It will not be from

                                                                      random mob or riot inciting marauders but by the orchestrated, militant forces operating

                                                                      from their headquarters south of the US border. Unless, our President wakes up to the full

                                                                      threat to our US national security and responds with an all-out military assault declaring war

                                                                      on the cartels and targeting their lairs buried in the Mexican hills.


In the same manner that COVID-19 extended its destructive tentacles from foreign lands ever-further within the confines of the US populace, the cartel invaders are slithering across the borders and establishing a strategic, de-centralized, network of operatives throughout our nation as we yield control of our own destiny freely and without resistance.

1. “Mexico’s Lopez Obrador to visit cartel-plagued states amid surging drug violence”,  Associated Press, Los Angeles Times,

July 15, 2020

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