Sane Economics

Our nation has a desperate fiscal problem with a cause that is understood by even the most uneducated American citizen: "Over Spending" and "Disproportionate Taxation Among Income Levels". This is indeed two elements of one problem, "fiscal instability".


The first aspect, "Over Spending", is addressed in Chapter 9 - The Economy-"Debt's Death Grip" ("The President's Bible-When I Am President"). The problem of "Disproportionate Taxation" is resolved by the strategy shown in Chapter 10 - "Income Tax Transformation".


Both proposals described in these two chapters will not come as a surprise to most American citizens. In fact, most Americans will be astounded that we have never had a President who led in the application of both of these measures. Upon consideration of these methods, citizens will justifiably ask, "Why hasn't any former President, Presidential candidate, or politician, aggressively pursued  these strategies to remedy our nation's fiscal ailments all along?!"


The answer as to why no politician has not pursued this path to resolve our problems is explained in detail in the Chapters. It can best be summed up by saying, "Politicians gain too much political leverage by maintaining the status quo of our current tax code monster and the abuse of social welfare programs designed to address serious social needs." As explained in the Chapters mentioned, politicians base their continued presence in office upon the exploitation of these systems.

Our national debt can not only be cut but eradicated, by using the prescribed remedy of eliminating the abuse of social support programs and equalization of our tax code by having one, strictly enforced tax rate for ALL income levels.


As in our own household finances, fiscal responsibility boils down to the few, simple, but effective common-sense approaches of:

1. STOP wasting money.

2. STOP borrowing money to waste on unnecessary, extravagant expenditures.

3. Require everyone to pay their equal share by requiring them to contribute equally and justly by using

    an "across the board percent" of their income.

4. Eliminate opportunities to exploit the tax system by having one reasonable rate of taxation for

    everyone with no tax deductions for anyone.


Of course, the "devil is in the details", but the reasoning and methods presented in these Chapters to accomplish these goals are not beyond the comprehension of all of us common citizens. That's because we ordinary citizens apply these basic fiscal concepts every day of our lives in the responsible manner in which we administer our own personal monetary resources. This makes us wonder why our elected representatives do not practice the same principles when using the money they collect from us. The ways of the politicians cause us to scratch our heads and ask, "Do people lose their minds when they assume office in Washington?"


The credibility for taking these proposed paths to resolve our fiscal crisis becomes all too apparent as one reads and considers the basis for supporting them. The foundation that assures that this "is" the correct path is that it fulfills the notion of being in harmony with the "Moral Code" (Chater 4-"Integrity/'Moral Code'") which is "to always do what is RIGHT"!


Unfortunately, politicians too often assume the mindset and precedence of the Washington culture when elected to office and fail in being innovative in addressing the challenges of making our government's system one that better accommodates its citizens. Traditional methods of doing government have become so entrenched and institutionalized that it can seem almost impossible for us to break free from the cemented, lethargic, positions in which we have become so accustomed. But we cannot allow ourselves to remain in this transfixed comatose state of inaction.


We can break free from the chains of immobility and rise up to a new height of freedom, prosperity and self-worth. It will require our having a tenacious leader who is determined to abandon the failed, deprecating ways of the past and free America from those ineffective systems and political ideologies that burden our people. We need the leader whose eyes are opened to the vision for accommodating our citizens having the most prosperous, free, and progressive lives possible.  


We can soar to heights never before reached.

Now is the time for The Journey to begin.