The Plight of Illegal Residents

The Cruel Policies of Politicians

Our US federal government has exhausted the patience of American citizens as it continually neglects to take practical steps to resolve the enormous problem of people illegally entering and living in our country. The response of politicians is typical of that portrayed in the majority of major crisis situations we face as a nation. There is much political rhetoric with no meaningful action taken on problems such as our living in a toxic environment, being flooded with narcotics supplied through powerful transnational drug cartels, and the irresponsible administration of our national financial situation. All of these problems are resolvable. They could be eliminated if it were not for politicians using them to their advantage for maintaining their continued, elitist, presence in Washington.


The political exploitation of the illegal immigration crisis has risen to unimaginable levels of absurdity. Politicians have actually pursued measures that increase the influx of illegal invaders with the ultimate aim of legalizing the vote for non-US citizens as a means to expand the voter base that would be sympathetic to the Democratic Party! This reality has become painfully obvious with the politicians' opposition to any means proposed to protect our borders and eliminate comfort measures for those who break the law in order to gain entry upon US soil.


This must stop if we are to regain the credibility and strength of our Democratic Party. We must begin to take measures to increase our voter support base by having a superior plan that attracts patriotic, sane, support from citizens who think rationally and sincerely want to see our nation strengthened and become more prosperous. This will happen when the Democratic Party candidate for President champions plans with a vision for our country that advances strength that is built upon sound, legal, sensible concepts and strategies.


Resolving the problems of our enormous influx of non-documented residents and our perforated borders is a key to our presenting the Democratic Party as the "Party With Sound Solutions". We should see the solving of such problems as being an opportunity for our Party's advancement, not a door to promote outrageous, destructive practices that render out country weak and defenseless.

How This Presidency Will Resolve The Problem

There are three steps which could and must be taken to resolve the issues of our having an out of control influx of illegal, non-processed intruders crossing our borders and to eliminate the majority of non-documented residents draining this country's resources to provide for their livelihood.


1. Establishment of a credible system for providing "Legal Residence Identification" for all non-citizen residents of the United States.

    This identification would be in the form of a photo ID Card issued upon the approval for legal residence.

    Care would be given to assure that the credibility of the ID Card would be protected in a manner that is similar to that taken with United

    States Passport protection.


2. Laws implemented that make it illegal for anyone to hire a non-US citizen without their possessing a current  Legal Residence ID Card. The

    Department of Homeland Security would not focus on the pursuit and prosecution of those illegal residents working for a private or

    corporate employer. The top-level officer in the business would be prosecuted and face fines and imprisonment.


3. Measures to construct a physical barrier along the southern border of the United States would continue to be seriously considered. Those

    border areas most susceptible to being crossed would, of course, be highlighted. Following an interval period of time after the immediate

    implementation of the Legal Resident Identification system, the need to expand the border barrier would be assessed.


We have proof that when the availability of jobs and employment for illegal residents ceases, there is an automatic, voluntary, mass exodus of illegal residents. The past Economic Recession of 2006-2009 validates that reality that when the provision for sustaining a livelihood as an "illegal" intruder diminishes, so does the flow of those seeking to gain illegal entry into our nation.


The number of unauthorized immigrants peaked at 12.2 million in 2007 and then began a freefall diminishing to 11.3 million in 2009 and continued to decline until following the Recession when jobs for unauthorized immigrants again became available. The solution to our problem is all too evident yet self-serving, cruel, politicians respond in the manner opposite of what is productive and seek to enhance the standard of living for unauthorized immigrants. They thereby are serving as accomplices in the criminal trafficking of human beings, tsunami levels of imported illegal narcotics and the deaths of thousands being victimized by foreign agents for the illegal importation of children, women, and men.


This unethical, near-criminal policies being implemented by members of our own political party must cease. We must revert back to those policies that are truly humanitarian, credible, and which strengthens our national borders and increase our sovereignty.


Rick Kuter is the only candidate who acknowledges and assesses the problems accurately and who has with the real answers to solve them. For more detailed information see:

"The President's Bible-When I Am President" by RB Kuter (available on most book outlets).

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How We Will Resolve The Problem of Unauthorized Residents

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