"The President's Bible"


This is not a "religious" book in the sense of proposing a method for addressing spiritual awareness and solutions.  It is not another treatise upon which a religion is based. It is a "Bible" in the sense of it being considered a sacred trust and commitment to this nation of people and yes, a commitment to assuming the role of leadership in a manner that would be consistent with God's favor for the United States of America.


Within its pages are the details of how the Presidential Administration will function under the leadership of Rick Kuter. It portrays the premises upon which every decision and path will be chosen. "The President's Bible" explains the "moral code" upon which all decisions will be made which is to do the "right" thing in all circumstances, not for any personal gain for the President or his political career, but which will result in the greatest benefit to the nation and its citizens.


"The President's Bible" prioritizes the greatest needs facing the United States of America, why they exist, and how to solve them using rational, practical action based upon true, proven action.


The plans portrayed in "The President's Bible" do not originate from any political party nor do they represent a platform that has been adopted or which can be identified with any political party. Rick Kuter believes in a multi-party system for our government that provides for diversity and a system of checks and balances that protects our democratic basis. Unfortunately, the two major political parties we have at this time are failing to present a plan that can be embraced by a clear majority of the American people. Why is that?


The simple reason that no party has acquired the support of a clear majority of the American people is that the leadership of both existing major parties is not responding to the priority needs of the people. Instead, they are fabricating "fantasy" political agendas which do not contribute to the lives of American citizens progressing and prospering. The paths being chosen are based upon what is considered to be "politically correct" or popular within the temporal position of society and not grounded upon any real or genuine foundation. 

This is the one alternative that portrays a picture of sanity. If you are disturbed by the mindless wandering of those candidates and leaders whose "out of touch" reasoning results in their offering baseless solutions to problems that have no real impact upon the lives of citizens, this is your haven for a return to rational answers to very real and relevant problems. It is a proposition upon which a person who recognizes the extreme value of what is at stake can place their support, trust, and hope. Read on.